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What Friendship really is?

Friendship Quotes:-When we frankly ask ourselves which individual in our lives implies the most to us, we usually find that it is the one who, rather than giving much guidance, ideas, or healing, have picked rather share our ache and contact our injuries with a soft and wimpy hand. The friend who can be quiet with us in a blink of misery or wonder, who can remain with us in an hour of pain and sorrow, who can bear not knowing, not relieving, not soothing and face with us the truth of our weakness, that is a real friend who cares.

How a real friendship is look like to you?

Real friends are like diamonds, you don’t afford to lose them in any situation. Whenever there is a bad day for you your companions keep you up and give you hope for rising up to enjoy your life. When we are in their company they share funny moments that you enjoy with them. When you are sad they share a joke to make you laugh. We always remember our friends for their funny joke, crazy moments that we enjoy together. Sometimes, we do the wrong things with them and always try to make laugh at each other. Our life becomes funnier with our good companions. Their company is everything for us that we need to enjoy life in a better way.

Famous Friendship Quotes


“A decent friend is an association with life, a bind to the previous, and a street to the future, the way to mental stability in an absolutely crazy world.”

“We may have numerous miles between us, yet we will never be far separated, in light of the fact that friendship isn’t tallied by miles. It is included by what’s in your heart.”

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