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Reconnecting with old friends quotes: Few things in life have such a high impact on your enjoyment and happy life like old friends. There is a famous phrase, ‘Old is Gold,’ Just like that our old friends are gold for us, we can’t afford to lose them at any cost. So, always try to reconnect with old friends even they meet after a long time.

Somehow the bond between two best friends broke, and we live apart. We spend months even years without them. We just see old photos on our Facebook profile in which we both are present and trying to make laugh. This is a miserable thing to us, we should try to reconnect with them and enjoy life more as we can. Remember our old friend matters in our life a lot. It doesn’t matter how many friends you make at present you can’t forget your old school friends. We can’t forget old memories of our old friends and feel how good days were those.

Old friends are your family and strength. If you are missing your real friends and want to express your feeling with them, then you should read these BFF quotes and share with them.

Do you have a friend who reconnect with you after a long time?

For this purpose, I post a list of old quotes about old friends that make sense for you to know the real worth of old friends. You should read these missing an old friend quotes, reconnecting with old friends quotes, old friendship quotes, funny old friends quotes, and share these old friend quotes with your old friends to make them happy.

“Beautiful memories are like old friends. They may not always be on your mind, but they are forever in your heart.”   ― Susan Gale

When we recall the old days that we passed with our old friends like college days or university days, we always would like to go back to the past to enjoy these days.

old friends quotes
old friends quotes

“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”   ― Woodrow T. Wilson

The connection with our friends makes our world beautiful and happy. The network of friendship never lost its signal.

old friendship quotes
old friendship quotes

Happiness is meeting an old friend after a long time and feeling that nothing has changed.”    ― Cris Dar

When we meet our old friends, then we feel nothing is changed all the atmosphere is the same as in the past.

old friend quotes memories
old friend quotes memories

“Old stories are like old friends? You have to visit them from time to time.”   ― George R.R. Martin

Friends are like stories we often recall in our mind these golden days passed with them and often talked about these days. No one can wash these memories.

Old friendship quotes | Old friend quotes funny

“What I liked most about my old friends? They never failed to surprise me and make me smile.”   ― Mr. Rawal

Different people have different characteristics, but a character is the same in all old friends is they make us smile.

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”  ― Walter Winchell

When every person in your life leaves you alone, then a person is always with you and he is your old friend and also a real one.

long time friendship quotes
long time friendship quotes

“It’s the worst part of seeing old friends: when your rose-colored memories become undone by reality.”   ― Brad Meltzer

Whenever we look at our old friends after a long time, we think about this beautiful old day that we enjoyed together and consider our future without or away from them unpleasant days.

“The degree of our intellectual growth is inversely proportional to the number of people with whom we are still close friends.”   ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Mokokoma says that our intellectual growth is judge by seeing how many people are our close friends.

Longtime friendship quotes

old time friends quotes
old time friends quotes

“Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.”   ― Dalai Lama

Life is short and fast; every coming day we met different people and became with some of them. For example, we complete our studies and get a job in the education department then our college will become our friends we don’t have time for old ones because of everyone busy in his life now.

What I am looking forward to any celebrations in my life?

”It is that I could be able to see my old friends again.”   ― Faisal Dil

If someone asks me what you want in life to come back again for you, then my short and sweet answer gives me my old friends again. I want to spend more time with them.

old friends are best
old friends are best

“OLD FRIENDS are BEST! They are More UNDERSTANDING, More FORGIVING, and Truer. THEY Must Never Be Taken for Granted!”   ― Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

Your old friends are your true ones, no need to guarantee for them they understand you well.

Finding an old friend quotes & School friends quotes

finding an old friend quotes
finding an old friend quotes

“New friends maybe poems but old friends are alphabets. Don’t forget the alphabet because you will need them to read the poems.”  ― William Shakespeare

One of the most beautiful quotes of Shakespeare about old friends. We always need our old friends to solve any problem in life.

shorthand of old friends
shorthand of old friends

“They talked in the shorthand of old friends and shared memories.”  ― Dee Henderson

It is an amazing fact that we speak with our close and old friends unusually, like passcodes other people sitting next to us never understand what we talked about at this time.

“An old friend never can be found, and nature has provided that he cannot easily be lost.”   ― Samuel Johnson

It is challenging to find an old friend but when you found one, then he doesn’t leave you in any circumstance.

“Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet, and two others at first speech are old friends.”   ― Mary Catherwood

Some people have goods that they become friends with others instantly. Their word and sweet manner attract others very quickly towards them.

Long Time Friendship Quotes

“Breezy days deserve the union of two old friends.”   ― Sana Khan

To enjoy any day at its top level, we need to sit with our old friend. With our old friend, every day will become pleasant.

“Many of my old friends are gone now. I have a hard time dealing with the fact that they’re just not there to talk to. I can’t call them up for a rabbit-skin glue recipe anymore.”   ― James Rosenquist

It’s a difficult time for me because my old friends are going away these days. I want to talk to them but found no one near me.

old friend quotes funny
old friend quotes funny

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”   ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Old friends are like a bond that never breaks. You can do many funny or stupid things with them and make fools of each other but your old friends didn’t leave you alone.

“It’s fine to have social media that connects us with old friends, but we need tools that help us discover new people as well.”   ― Ethan Zuckerman

In today’s world there, everybody uses social media to connect with others or friends. And we discover new people in life with the help of social media.

“Dancing along with family members and old friends, especially during a marriage, is a memorable experience.” ― Great Khali

Everyone would like to dance with his friends and don’t forget that special day.

Missing an Old Friend Quotes and Sayings

“We would never become friends with most if not all of the people with whom we have been friends for many years if we had met them only a few weeks ago.”  ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

There is a difference with people whom we met last week and whom we already had known about years ago and they are our true old friends.

“If I have given a chance to be with you, my friend, I will never waste a single minute to express my love for you and how grateful I am that you are one of my old friends.”   ― Faisal Dil

All of us want to spend more time with our real friends and never afford a single minute without them because old friends are our source of happiness.

“There are things that I can tell my friends that I just don’t know my family, only as far as how I’m feeling about things. My friends know me the best in a certain way. I just think old friends are really, really important.”  ― Jonathan Levine

No matter what is your skin color or your family, friendship has an influence that attracts and combines all of us.

“Especially as I was an old friend, or at least I was a person she had known for a long time, which after a certain point is almost the same thing…”  ― Julian Fellowes

When we are someone’s old friend or acquaintance, our thoughts are similar to that person’s.

“It does seem so pleasant to talk with an old acquaintance that knows what you know. I see so many of these new folks nowadays that seem to have neither past nor future. The conversation’s got to have some root in the past, or else you’ve got to explain every remark you make, an’ it wears a person out.”  ― Sarah Oren Jewett

This is a beautiful quote from Sara Oren about the past time and friends. She is an American short story writer.

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