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Best Happy Birthday Quotes For Friends To Make Them Feel Loved And Cherished

Best birthday quotes for friends can make good friendships great and great friendships even greater.

When you send best birthday quotes and wishes to your friends that make their big day truly superb, you’ve given them the greatest gift of real friendship. A best friend is someone who cares for you, accepts you for who you are, motivates you, stands with you even when everyone else is walking away, and much more.

You could say happy birthday to your friends in many different ways. Sometimes, you do something funny or share best funny birthday quotes and sayings with them to make them laughter. No matter what you say or how you wish them their birthday, the only thing that matters to them is you remember to wish them. They consider you as true friend and they must remember to say happy birthday on your special day too as you wish them on their special days. This thing becomes the foundation of a strong relationship. So it’s difficult to find the exact words to wish them their birthday. Here you find a huge collection of best birthday quotes for friends.

If it’s your best friend’s birthday, you’ll want to find the perfect words to wish them a happy birthday. So to help you out, we prepared this collection of inspirational and special happy birthday quotes, happy birthday wishes, and happy birthday quotes funny, collected from a variety of sources over the years.

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Like you give them precious and beautiful gift on their birthday, you should say some beautiful words to bring happiness on their face. And if you don’t know what to say then you must read all the birthday quotes for best friends listed below.

birthday quotes for friends

birthday quotes for friends

“May everything that you are thinking of coming true; may all your desires be achieved? Happy birthday to my best friend!”

“Every time I see you, my life improves by 1,000,000%. That’s how much I like being friends with you. Happy birthday!”

birthday quotes

birthday quotes

“I will go through one more year with my best friend. May God favor you on your birthday for the satisfaction of everything you could ever want and wishes!”

“Glad birthday, dear friend! I trust all the bliss you had always wanted will be yours soon.”

happy birthday for friends

“May these birthday candles become a reference point of genuine progress in your life. Happy Birthday”

Cheerful birthday to my closest friend with whom I have spent my greatest years. Here’s to a lot more years to come!

Happy Birthday quotes for a friend to share on their big day

friendship birthday quote


May the happiness that you have spread in the past reverted to you on your big day. Wishing you happy birthday!”

“Cheerful birthday! For whatever length of time that you have me as a companion, you’ll never need to stress over going it alone. You’ll generally have my shoulder to incline toward, my ears to hear what upsets you and everything that is in me to get you back progressing nicely.”

happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

“Cheerful Birthday. May each snapshot of your unique day be loaded up with similar satisfaction and bliss you bring to other people?”

“Wishing you to enjoy all that life has to offer for the following year to come. May you increase joy and accomplishment throughout everyday life.”

“Most joyful birthday to my closest friend. You merit all the great things that you have at this moment. You are the most perfect soul, and you have the lovely heart. I adore you.”

funny happy birthday

“Birthday occasions come around every year, yet friends like you just come once in entire life. I’m so Thankful for God you came into my life. All the best on your sweet birthday”

“Happy birthday to my closest companion. I trust it is loaded up with brilliance!”

“I guarantee that the more birthday candles you light up, the more I will be here for you to praise each occasion in your life. More Cheerful birthday!”

Happy Birthday quotes for a friend to make them feel special

birthday quotes for friend

birthday quotes for friend

“I am appreciative for your actual friendship. May your birthday is astonishing as you are my closest friend!”

“I feel so proud to have you as my good friend. Wish that your birthday is as exceptional as you seem to be. May your dreams come true and thank you for being such a nice friend. Happy Birthday to you!”

happy birthday friends

happy birthday friends

“I trust your birthday is so sweet as the birthday cake. And the year to pursue is loaded up with as much bliss as you bring your friendships!”

“One more year and another test for you my dear friend. But you have to dependably make sure to continue grinning and have an uplifting point of view, and everything will be fine. Happy Birthday To You!”

birthday celebration

“Glad birthday my best friend, may the brilliant hues paint your life and you be cheerful whole life. Always stay blessed”

“Never thought that you are alone. I am dependably there for all your fixes. Special birthday to you.”

“Glad Birthday to my stunning, delightful, and astonishing friend”

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special birthday quotes

special birthday quotes

“Real friends are difficult to find. That is the reason on this uncommon day I needed to tell you exactly how much your fellowship intends to me. Happy birthday to my friend”

“When nothing goes right, I go to you. You’re my go-to individual at consistently. Happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday buddy, Upbeat birthday bestie! Let’s keep doing all the idiotic things that we do together forever.”

friendship birthday quotations

“I wish you hope, happiness, joy, and love. Much obliged to you for being my closest friend!”

“For some individuals, the word ‘friendship’ is only a combination of letters. For me, it is the wellspring of bliss and quality as a result of you. Cheerful Birthday, dude!”

“Cheerful Birthday. May each snapshot of your extraordinary day be loaded up with similar satisfaction and bliss you bring to other people”

Inspirational happy birthday quotes for a best friend

cute birthday quotes for friends

cute birthday quotes for friends

“Cheerful birthday to one of the most delightful individuals I have ever met. May this year be much progressively magnificent and favored.”

“I did not have any acquaintance with it at the time, yet the day you were conceived would be a standout amongst the greatest days of my life! Cheerful Birthday to my closest friend!”

“Cheerful birthday to my closest friend. I trust it is loaded up with magnificence!”

birthday quotes on friendship

“The best blessing is the award of true friendship. In this way, that is the thing that I got you for your birthday! Try not to stress… I got you a genuine present as well.”

“Most joyful birthday to my closest companion. You merit all the brilliant things that you have at the present time. You are the most perfect soul, and you have the greatest heart. I adore you.”

“May this big day bring a lot of grins and bliss to you, my beloved friend. Wishing you a great happy birthday!”

happy birthday to beloved friend

“I didn’t have any idea about what a true friend was until I met you. You really have spared me inside and out an individual can be spared… Happy birthday!”

“Cheerful birthday to the dearest friend who has been constantly close by! Your companionship keeps me solid and climbing throughout everyday life!”

“I am so pleased to be your close friend. May you have a happy and beautiful birthday!”

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happy birthday dude

happy birthday dude

“A beloved friend like you earns all the delightful blessings not only today but every day in his life! Happy birthday! May, all your dreams come true.”

“You’ve mostly been incredible at sharing happiness and loving. On this birthday, may you be honored ten times with the adoration that you have offered unselfishly to other people”

“Having you as my best friend is a benefit to me. Happy birthday. You are precious.”

inspirational birthday quotes

“Roses might be red and violets blue, yet you put every one of the hues in the rainbow to disgrace. Cheerful birthday to the most brilliant, the best individual I know!”

“On this big day, I wish that this year presents to all the happiness you could envision and that all of your expectations come true. Happy birthday, Dude.”

“Never have, I had such a nice friend. Happy birthday to you and best wishes always!”

birthday quotes for your friends

“For you on your birthday, I wish you a lifetime of joy, a little measure of stresses, and a vessel heap of enormous dreams working out as expected.”

“Thanks a lot to always being there to listen me. I am lucky enough to have you as my closest friend. Celebrate your birthday!”

“My dear companion, you are so cherishing and kind, and you do as such much for other people. This day is all about you. Glad Birthday!”

Cute Friendship Birthday Quotes:

happy birthday to my close friend

“Nothing can be as happy as passing time with you, let today be the best of all so far. Glad birthday companion, you are adored.”

“May this year be an achievement year for you! I trust that every one of your stars continues sparkling and your greatest dreams works out. Well done on another extraordinary year.”

“Happy Birthday, my closest companion. We have been companions for longer than I want to concede. Where did the time go? Gifts for the year to come.”

friendship birthday quotes

“Discovering somebody flawless isn’t friendship, grasping their blemishes and as yet being their friend is one. Glad birthday to you dear.”

“Several years prior, I made a desire after observing a falling star. That desire worked out as expected when you chose to spend an amazing future life with me. Cheerful Birthday to the most tremendous individual in my life! I will love you till death!”

birthday cake for friend

“A friend is somebody who dependably has your back, regardless. Happy Birthday to you because you deserve an incredible day.”  Catherine Pulsifer

Amazing friendship birthday quotes and wishes show how much you love your friends. Although it can be hard to find the perfect words to say to your best friend on their special day, we hope that the above happy birthday quotes and sayings have given you something to choose from.

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Best Funny Birthday Quotes and Wishes

Who says birthday Quotes and wishes must be serious?

Whenever a special day like a birthday comes, you ordered a sweet cake and confirm the venue to celebrate this day. After all, you need to share some beautiful and funny words like our collection of hilarious birthday quotes and sayings with that person to make her/him feel special. And sure, that person becomes happy after hearing your words like birthday sayings or quotes or wishes. You can share these birthday quotes with any person on his birthday even that person is your friend, family member, son, daughter or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or relative.

Birthday events are special to us. On the off chance that anybody neglects to wish you on your day, you will always remember that they didn’t. It is imperative to wish friends and family, loved ones on their uncommon day, and put a grin all over. Birthday wishes make individuals feel adored and recollected. A call, message, or even a Facebook message goes far in saying, “We care about someone.”

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You can start the fun by saying these funny quotes on your beloved one’s birthday. Also you can use these birthday quotes with images on birthday cards and send these cards to anyone you want. Doing something unusual and funny on special occasions like birthday is necessary, and it makes everybody happy. Absolutely, you should wish happy birthday by sharing these funny birthday quotes and sayings on social media like Facebook, Twitter or any other like that. That definitely takes notice of your wish, and that thing brings you both more close to each other. So, a relationship with love and harmony will grow in this way.



“Try not to get all odd about getting older! Our age is simply the quantity of years the world has been loving us!”

“The main thing that comes without exertion or diligent work is old age.”

“I realize this is early, however since I haven’t gotten a welcome, I thought of telling you that none of us are arranging any unexpected gathering”



“If you truly need to look youthful and flimsy and lovely on your birthday call everybody’s fantastic mothers and stupendous fathers and play chess and poker.”

“I needed to post the longest showiest birthday message on Pinterest for you today, however, I had typers square.”

“Birthday! Is it true that it isn’t? Wait a bit, let me simply affirm it on Facebook.”

Funny Birthday Quotes and wishes



“Did you realize you make the best pizza in the World? Indication: pizza early lunch for your birthday party”

“Here’s to one more year of unlimited battles, trick recreations, escaping homes and keeping each other practically stable. Have a decent one bud.”

“A year has 365 days however it is just a single-day that you get gifts and birthday wishes, so far a few people just miss to wish you, here is an extraordinary wish from me.”



“Happy birthday to you! May your Twitter wall be loaded up with messages from individuals you never converse with?”

“Blissful birthday to somebody who is brilliant, perfect, clever and helps me a ton to remember myself… starting with one astounding chick then onto the next!”

“You are just youthful once, however you can be juvenile for a lifetime. Wishing a happy Birthday to you!”



“On the off chance that white isn’t your preferred hair shading, you may have a few issues with the expanding age.”

“Wishing the most wonderful and savvy individual I know an extraordinary day. That is me. Also, to you an extremely glad birthday.”



“Your birthday gives me one increasingly opportunity to present you stuff that I need. Cheerful Birthday dear sibling!”

“Cheerful birthday friend. Don’t you stress over getting so old. That was something that happened years back.”



“It is only a bundle bargain! You get more seasoned and smarter. Nope, you can’t have recently the last mentioned! It does not work that way. Happy Birthday to You”

You are not 40. You’ve just lived 20 years twice.

“Birthday! Is it true that it isn’t? Wait a bit, let me simply affirm it on Facebook.”



“May your life be long and helpful like a tissue paper so that at whatever point, you unroll a day it generally brings you achievement and triumph.”

“With one more year gone, don’t begin accepting that you’re a grown-up now.”

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“We should grow up and make the wrinkles our awards of the life we have come through, they are us and what influences us to praise every birthday.”

“Cheerful birthday friend. Don’t you stress over getting so old. That was something that happened years back.”



“Disregard the past, you can’t transform it, Disregard the future, you can’t foresee it. And disregard the present, I didn’t get you one.  Birthday Dude!”

“Upbeat Birthday closest companions. Presently how about we go to the corner and bitch about individuals who did not wish you today.”



“As you get more established three things occur. The first is your memory goes, and I can’t recall the other two.  Birthday to you Dude!”

“Once in numerous years, individuals with incredible enthusiasm and brightness are naturally introduced to this world who goes for the more noteworthy things throughout everyday life. Also, today one of them might want to wish you an exceptionally cheerful birthday.”