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Who says birthday Quotes and wishes must be serious?

Whenever a special day like a birthday comes, you ordered a sweet cake and confirm the venue to celebrate this day. After all, you need to share some beautiful and funny words like our collection of hilarious birthday quotes and sayings with that person to make her/him feel special. And sure, that person becomes happy after hearing your words like birthday sayings or quotes or wishes. You can share these birthday quotes with any person on his birthday even that person is your friend, family member, son, daughter or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend or relative.

Birthday events are special to us. On the off chance that anybody neglects to wish you on your day, you will always remember that they didn’t. It is imperative to wish friends and family, loved ones on their uncommon day, and put a grin all over. Birthday wishes make individuals feel adored and recollected. A call, message, or even a Facebook message goes far in saying, “We care about someone.”

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You can start the fun by saying these funny quotes on your beloved one’s birthday. Also you can use these birthday quotes with images on birthday cards and send these cards to anyone you want. Doing something unusual and funny on special occasions like birthday is necessary, and it makes everybody happy. Absolutely, you should wish happy birthday by sharing these funny birthday quotes and sayings on social media like Facebook, Twitter or any other like that. That definitely takes notice of your wish, and that thing brings you both more close to each other. So, a relationship with love and harmony will grow in this way.


“Try not to get all odd about getting older! Our age is simply the quantity of years the world has been loving us!”

“The main thing that comes without exertion or diligent work is old age.”

“I realize this is early, however since I haven’t gotten a welcome, I thought of telling you that none of us are arranging any unexpected gathering”


“If you truly need to look youthful and flimsy and lovely on your birthday call everybody’s fantastic mothers and stupendous fathers and play chess and poker.”

“I needed to post the longest showiest birthday message on Pinterest for you today, however, I had typers square.”

“Birthday! Is it true that it isn’t? Wait a bit, let me simply affirm it on Facebook.”

Funny Birthday Quotes and wishes

“Did you realize you make the best pizza in the World? Indication: pizza early lunch for your birthday party”

“Here’s to one more year of unlimited battles, trick recreations, escaping homes and keeping each other practically stable. Have a decent one bud.”

“A year has 365 days however it is just a single-day that you get gifts and birthday wishes, so far a few people just miss to wish you, here is an extraordinary wish from me.”


“Happy birthday to you! May your Twitter wall be loaded up with messages from individuals you never converse with?”

“You are just youthful once, however you can be juvenile for a lifetime. Wishing a happy Birthday to you!”

“On the off chance that white isn’t your preferred hair shading, you may have a few issues with the expanding age.”

“Wishing the most wonderful and savvy individual I know an extraordinary day. That is me. Also, to you an extremely glad birthday.”

“Your birthday gives me one increasingly opportunity to present you stuff that I need. Cheerful Birthday dear sibling!”

“Cheerful birthday friend. Don’t you stress over getting so old. That was something that happened years back.”

“It is only a bundle bargain! You get more seasoned and smarter. Nope, you can’t have recently the last mentioned! It does not work that way. Happy Birthday to You”

You are not 40. You’ve just lived 20 years twice.

“Birthday! Is it true that it isn’t? Wait a bit, let me simply affirm it on Facebook.”


“May your life be long and helpful like a tissue paper so that at whatever point, you unroll a day it generally brings you achievement and triumph.”

“With one more year gone, don’t begin accepting that you’re a grown-up now.”

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“We should grow up and make the wrinkles our awards of the life we have come through, they are us and what influences us to praise every birthday.”

“Cheerful birthday friend. Don’t you stress over getting so old. That was something that happened years back.”

“Disregard the past, you can’t transform it, Disregard the future, you can’t foresee it. And disregard the present, I didn’t get you one.  Birthday Dude!”

“Upbeat Birthday closest companions. Presently how about we go to the corner and bitch about individuals who did not wish you today.”

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