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Would you like to figure out how to ace your mentality for more happiness and harmony?

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Famous Quotes about Happiness

Happiness quotes-2
Happiness quotes-2

“Important keys toward happiness is an awful memory”.

Rita Mae Brown

 The best happiness you can have is realizing that you don’t really require happiness.

William Saroyan

Happiness quotes-3
Happiness quotes-3

“When 1 door of happiness shuts, another opens, yet regularly we look so long at the shut door and we don’t see the door that has been opened for us”.

Helen Keller

If you seek others for satisfaction, you will never be satisfied. In the event that your joy relies upon cash, you will never be content with yourself. Be pleased with what you have; celebrate in the manner in which things are. When you acknowledge there is not all that much, the world has a place with you. Lao Tzu

Happiness quotes-4
Happiness quotes-4

“You can pursue happiness or you can pick happiness….. Everything relies upon how much time you need to spare”

Robert Holden

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Famous Happiness quotes
Famous Happiness quotes

“Cry. Excuse. Learn. Proceed onward. Give your tears an opportunity to wet the seeds of your future happiness”.

Steve Maraboli

“When you emerge toward the beginning of the day, consider what a valuable benefit it is to be alive – to inhale, to think, to appreciate, to adore.”

Marcus Aurelius

pursuit of happiness quotes

“Happiness does not prompt appreciation. Appreciation prompts to Happiness.” David

“The best happiness you can have is realizing that you don’t really require happiness.”

William Saroyan


Positibe Happiness quotes
Positibe Happiness quotes

“Happiness resembles a butterfly: the more you pursue it, the more it will escape you, yet if you direct your concentration toward different things, it will come and sit delicately on your shoulder.”  Henry Thoreau

“If you would like to be happy, define an objective that directions your feelings, frees your vitality, and moves your expectations”.  Andrew Carnegie

best happiness quotes

“Persons are sad when they get something too effectively. You need to sweat – that is the main good they know.”  Dany Laferrière

“I don’t need to pursue phenomenal minutes to discover happiness – it’s directly before me in case I’m focusing and rehearsing appreciation”. 

Brene Brown

true happiness quotes

“Happiness is only from time to time found where it is looked for. Our most brilliant blasts are usually encouraged by sudden flashes”  Samuel Johnson

“Happiness resembles your shadow. Pursue it and you will never get it, yet hold your face to the sun and it will tail you”. CROFT M. PENTZ

“What we think figures out what happens with us, so that if we need to completely change us, we have to extend our psyches”.  Wayne Dyer

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positive happiness quotes
positive happiness quotes

“A lot of persons miss a lot of happiness, not on the grounds that they never discovered it, but since they didn’t stop to appreciate it”  William Feather

“There is not a single enthusiasm in sight playing little – in agreeing to a real existence that is not exactly the one you are equipped for living”  Nelson Mandela

“The best way to discover genuine happiness is to hazard being totally cut open”

“Give us a chance to be thankful to the beings who fulfill us, they are the enchanting planters who make our spirits bloom.” — Marcel Proust

inspirational happy quotes

“Happiness is not the same as delight. Joy has something to do with battling, suffering, and achieving.”  George Sheehan

“Cash is numbers and numbers never end. As long as it takes cash to be glad, your scan for happiness will never end”

“At the point when an insightful individual has beaten impetuses to bad habit and knows about having carried out his unpleasant responsibility, he ends up in an express that could be called happiness, a condition of happiness and genuine feelings of serenity in which temperance is its own reward.”  Immanuel Kant

“Happiness is quite straightforward: somebody to adore, something to do, something to anticipate” RITA MAE BROWN

positive and inspirational happiness quotes
positive and inspirational happiness quotes

“There is no more noteworthy power than to laugh at disappointment, not any more lovely a trimming to your being than a smile, and no magnificence more prominent than the smile of harmony and shrewdness sparkling all over.”

“The snapshots of happiness we appreciate overwhelm us. It isn’t that we catch them, yet that they catch us.” — Ashley Montagu

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